Out of Control

There is a lot of heated debate out there today that mostly centers around the politics and aspirations of our out of control Congress and President. The recent town hall meetings on health care have generated a lot of heated confrontations, but mostly just spirited debate on the topic. Nancy Pelosi accused critics of the health care plan of being “nazis” and carrying “swastikas” to the rallies. Interestingly, up to that point on ONE instance of a swastika had been found at one of these town halls and it had a line drawn through it. In other words, the sign implied “we don’t want nazi-like health care.”

However, since our liberal politicians have made these wild and completely false accusations, instances of supposed “rightwing extremism” have been popping up all over the country. Suddenly, congressman are having swastikas spray painted on their buildings. The debate has moved into the absurd. MSNBC reports that threats against President Obama are higher than any other president in history and suggest this is because he is the first black president. Is this the case? Are the white supremacists out in full force fighting against health care and everything else simply because Obama is a black man?

According to the AP:

An African-American man from Mississippi admits posing as a white supremacist to send a death threat across state lines by Facebook.

The U.S. Attorney’s Office says 20-year-old Dyron L. Hart of Poplarville pleaded guilty Wednesday in federal court to making a threat in November 2008.

Hart admitted creating a name and using a white supremacists’ photo to pose as a white man who planned to kill blacks because Barack Obama had been elected president.

Strangely, I only found that AP story on the Fox News site. The same “news” agency, MSNBC, that is carrying news of all these rightwing extremists and white supremacists has not said ONE WORD about Dyron Hart. CNN has a story up on the subject, however.

Maybe President Obama was right during his speech in Montana when responding to a self-professed “proud NRA member”:

Q Okay. My name is Randy, I’m from Ekalaka, Montana. And as you can see, I’m a proud NRA member. (Applause.) I believe in our Constitution, and it’s a very important thing. I also get my news from the cable networks because I don’t like the spin that comes from them other places.

THE PRESIDENT: Oh, you got to be — you got to be careful about them cable networks, though. (Laughter.) But that’s okay, go ahead, go on with your question.

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  1. Oh yes…everything has to be about race. Don’t ya know, we are all a bunch of racist country bumpkins who just don’t like a black man running the country. It cannot possibly be that we disagree with what is going on, or don’t like the spend-spend-spend, or that everything we were taught by our parents (like if you have debt, pay it down, tighten the belt, and don’t add to it) is down the tubes with this administration. Nope…it all comes down to race. We are too stupid to know right from wrong according to the liberal politicians.

    That WILL come back to haunt them. For YEARS!

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