The Man That Wants To Ban Beck

The group Color of Change is working hard against the sponsors of the Glen Beck program on Fox News. Glen Beck is firing back:

3 Responses to “The Man That Wants To Ban Beck”

  1. Van Jones is a radical. Working for STORM, and sitting on the board of the Apollo Alliance, who helped write the stimulus bill. I think this is going to become quite the shoving match…

  2. Since before Prohibition, presidents had special advisors focused on certain items. Beck’s concern about who they answer to would be a more relvant concern in a Republican government. Having said that, I never liked the term “czar” as it seems to give them executive power that they don’t usually have. If they do, its by way of informing their boss on what their options.
    Glen Beck shouldn’t be banned by any stretch because occasionally he makes a point.

  3. More relevant in a republican government? You have to be joking. I see a liberal government run amok, not listening, partisan beyond anything seen before, and busy with the race card and name calling, and labeling. The fact that they have so many people coming out of the woodwork to oppose them, so vehemently, at this point and time speaks VOLUMES! Within 6 months of a liberal taking POTUS, how many liberals are now in trouble in their upcoming elections? That too speaks volumes. 6 months of full democratic power and people are pushing to oust them.

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