Filthy Hippies Everywhere

3 Responses to “Filthy Hippies Everywhere”

  1. Look at the good old education system! And to think, these people voted. Kinda scary, isn’t it?

  2. The scary thought is that this is at a lot of universities, not just Berkley.

  3. You know we are in trouble as a country when our collegiate level courses aren’t even teaching what is necessary, the basics. It’s time to get politics out of the classrooms, STOP the teachers/professors from teaching from their political view, and teach ALL of our history the exact way it happened. If they cannot do that, they are worthless and FIRED! You better believe I am keeping a running tally on those schools that will not have a chance to teach my children, will not get a dime of my money, and will not continue to spread their false version of history. What a cryin’ shame!

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