Government Health Care Leads to Rationing

2 Responses to “Government Health Care Leads to Rationing”

  1. There are some problems in those countries but the opponents to health care reform over exaggerate the amount. There are problems with every system but ours truly needs help.

  2. If that isn’t enough to make your hair turn gray! How many times do people need to hear this information before they take it seriously? I am so tired of the dems being able to just casually say “all these people are lying, we aren’t gonna do that,” and they get away with it. So what…EVERYONE in the world who voices disdain, opposition, negativity, whatever against this healthcare plan is a right wing idiot loon? I think not, and that is a pretty paranoid delusion if people want to think and talk that way.

    People better wake up and smell the reality. Read the writing on the wall, listen to the people with no horse in the race, put the information together as it comes out, listen to the intelligent people on the subject and look up the info they provide. STOP blindly following Obama and his merry band of dems. Get a brain, think for yourself, think objectively, stop worshipping them as false God’s…

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