Hillary Clinton is an Idiot

I am convinced of it. She has to be. Who does this self-proclaimed sniper-dodging twit think she is to question the “best man for the job”. That was the quote from the SecDef and from the President himself after they abruptly fired GEN McKeirnan and disrespected him in front of the world. They put in GEN McChrystal to get the war in Afghanistan on track. They said he was the best man for the job. They told him to go into country and do a 60 day assessment and then come back and tell the Administration what is needed to win.

He has done everything asked of him. He gave the assessment to the SecDef last month, and only one meeting has supposedly happened since about the matter.

He is the BEST MAN FOR THE JOB, and the best man came back to say he needed more troops within the year or else we risk losing in Afghanistan. What does the enlightened wife of a disgraced and cheating ex-president say?

"But I can only tell you there are other assessments from very expert military analysts who have worked in counter-insurgencies that are the exact opposite," she said.

Yes she says she “respects” McChrystal’s assessment, but she does not believe it. Maybe she should call Oprah and ask her what she thinks, or Sean Penn, or maybe Alec Baldwin. I am sure she still has Marc Rich on speed dial, maybe she could ask him.

She is the friggen Secretary of State who is only there as a thank you gift and to keep her quiet from running against Obama in 2012. She has been largely ignored by her boss on foreign matters and in fact it took her husband to get two captured Americans back from the North Koreans.

She should keep her pie-hole shut and listen to the guy with a military record longer than her husband’s little black book.

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  1. AMEN Son!! You couldn’t have said it better!! She shouldn’t be using up our oxygen!!

  2. I didn’t have much respect for her before she ran for POTUS, but after she let that glass celing she is always talking about, get smashed to smithereens by Obama’s sexist team of crackheads, I lost ALL respect for her. How could a woman who was treated in that manner, go and work for the man that allowed it? She needs to shut the hell up…she hasn’t a leg to stand on anymore.

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