Something just doesn’t look right

Look at this pic and tell me in the comments what you think it is.

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  1. In the days of film, one could charitably attribute this to the negative being upside-down when the print was made. Except, most married folks wear their wedding bands on their left hands….Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

    What’s the source of this photo? WH?


  2. They are both using their left hands?

  3. Looks to me like that pair out of DC that have no idea where their heart is.

  4. I know it might not be possible, but can you find out when and where this was taken?? So sad………

  5. It’s hard to tell. Michelle Obama sometimes parts her hair on the left and sometimes on the right, but mostly on the left, which is NOT what is shown here. So either the Obama’s are both saluting for the pledge with the wrong hand, or (more likely) someone has flipped the image.

  6. BTW, you DON’T put your hand on your heart when you pledge. You put it to your left breast, about the same place you would salute if you were carrying a rifle. The heart is in the middle. Consult any anatomy textbook on this.

  7. WRONG ARM/HAND!!!!!! Any REAL American would know you use your Right Hand to cover your heart. The result of a multi-culture education/upbringing. This guy and his wife are clowns.

  8. I just had a flashblack to elementary school and the pledge of allegiance: “Put your RIGHT hand over your heart…”

  9. Ummm, at first I thought maybe the photo was flipped, but it’s not. What the hell?! They’re BOTH using the wrong hand. And this man is supposed to be the embodiment of America and can’t get the easy stuff right.

  10. To say that I am not a fan of this man and this woman is a serious understatement, and I really want this picture to be real, but I have my doubts, the rings look fake.. digital. If I could find the originial photo it would make my day!

  11. Just in case people like CJ actually believe this:

  12. Casey,

    You’re right. The President and Mrs. Obama were cut from the picture, flipped, and then placed closer in the image superimposed over the real photo. You can tell because the Obamas are closer to the camera than the original. Yes, the Marine medals are on the wrong side and President Obama’s ring is obviously photoshopped in.

    I had already come to that conclusion, but neglected to come back here and correct myself. Thanks for pointing it out, though, Casey.

  13. One looks really pissed off and one looks oblivious to their surroundings?

  14. I think it is people who don’t want a black man to be President and will do anything to make him look bad. And then sites like this have to post it without checking

  15. @Joe: You’re an idiot. I don’t know how deep your idiocy goes, but if you think that people just don’t want a black man to be President, you’re living in a dream world of your own making. Does racism exist? Sure, but the KKK is about as lifeless as a three-day old fish on the docks. So from where does racism emerge? Answer: the minds of the afflicted…and academia. I would love for any number of black men to be President. Thomas Sowell, Walter Williams, Tony Dungy. Any of these forthright, honest men would have my vote. They ooze integrity out of their pores just as your average politician (and any politico from Chicago) oozes slime. And those were just the first three that popped to mind. How about you drop the sound bites from CNN regarding “doing anything to make a black President look bad.” You sound like a moron.

  16. Joe’s a racist bigot. He thinks that everyone that opposes Obama is white, which is a racist comment. More racist comments like that, Joe and you may get banned. We don’t appreciate racism here.

  17. Oh, and Joe, maybe you should read just two mere comments prior to your snide, ignorant comment.

  18. Forget the rings. He wears the pin on his left shoulder. The buttons on his coat are on the right. this is an accurate picture.

  19. They are supposed to put their RIGHT hands over their hearts.


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