What is Accountability?

I have also used the quote of “You can delegate responsibility, but not accountability” I am thinking I need to send Charlie Rangel the definitions of each and what that quote means. How does the guy keep a straight face when talking to the press and actually say that he should not be held accountable for unethical and illegally funded trips to the Caribbean because it was his staff’s fault for not telling him or whatever reason he gave. I am dumbfounded that he could try to use that defense and expect the American people to believe it. Whatever happen to the “Buck Stops HERE” or “Ignorance is not an excuse” when breaking the law.
Someone needs to bust this piece of crap and throw his fat butt out of office yesterday. He is the poster child of what is wrong with Congress and why we are in the situation we are in here in the greatest country in the world. He is why so many Americans are pissed at Congress. It is because of people just like him that homestead in Congress so long they think they are above the law.

Constituents of Rep. Charlie Rangel, do this country a huge favor and vote him out (if he is not expelled from Congress beforehand). I don’t care what party person you put in there, just not him, not anymore.

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  1. He’s a 20-TERM congressman. 20-TERM!!! It’s a bit like poker. No one wins 20 hands in a row. If so, you’re either cheating or Doc Holliday (who was probably cheating). Charlie Rangel is NO Doc Holliday.

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