When a President has no military background

Not only is the video an example of a President that has no experience and no military background, it is also an example of a President who reads his tele-prompter VERBATIM and does not know the context of which he is speaking.

This is truly sad that the President of our United States, he Commander-in-Chief cannot properly annunciate corpsman properly. A corpsman that he was referring to is a Navy corpsman, who are the medics for Navy and Marine units. A picture is below.

Below is what would be referred to as a corpse and since it is a man, it would be a corpse-man.

Now I hope that shows the difference. Next time Mr. President, why don’t you read the damn speech ahead of time, know the topic you are talking about and maybe do a little thinking before you speaking. Don’t be a Ron Burgundy and speak whatever you read.

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