We’re Coming to Take You Away, HA HA!

There’s a saying we have in Texas about taking away our guns. It involves cold, lifeless bodies as a prerequisite to taking them. In an effort to usurp our Constitution while pretending to not usurp our Constitution, the Obama Administration has taken another step in taking away your and my guns. The first step was [...]

Drill Baby, Drill

Don’t you know that the extreme environmentalists are crapping themselves today with this announcement. Their “man” has let them down. All of those wannabe “environmentalists” from the media and Hollywood who enjoy their Hummers and limos, yet all try to act like they are Green must be livid. Al Gore probably blew a blood vessel. [...]

Meet the New Boss….Same as the Old Boss

The CinC made a surprise visit to the combat zone yesterday, as most CinC’s are prone to do…this time to Afghanistan. In his predictable pep rally speech to assembled US forces, he made two statements that caught my eye and made me question the truth behind the rhetoric. “If this region slides backwards,” Obama told [...]

Germany Ascendant

As President Obama as repainted the international landscape, we are seeing the scales of power tip in the favor of other countries. At first glance, China, Russia, Brazil, and India look strong, but these countries have major internal issues that will keep them form becoming a world power. China may have moved closer to capitalism, [...]

Stockholm Syndrome: Obamacare-style

Stockholm Syndrome is the phenomenon where a captive begins to rely on and eventually supports the goals of the captor. When the U.S. passed legislation for income tax, the populace rebelled, because it was unconstitutional. The government assured Americans that it was a temporary necessity. Then when the government got accustomed to all that cash, [...]

Don’t Ask…..Don’t Tell….Don’t Rush

The Pentagon Thursday said it will relax enforcement of the “don’t ask, don’t tell” law that bars homosexuals from serving openly in the U.S. Military. Defense Secretary Robert Gates announced the military no longer will investigate sexual orientation of military personnel based on anonymous complaints, will restrict third-party testimony and require that all cases be [...]

Joe…..This Bud’s for you

Recent news about the Military’s concern over the possible abuse of prescription drugs has prompted a Virginia Congressman to consider drastic yet not unprecedented action. Sen. Jim Webb, D-Va., a Vietnam veteran and former war correspondent who now chairs the Senate panel that oversees military personnel policy, seemed to endorse the idea of letting troops [...]

Then and Now

The battle has just begun

So the House of Representatives barely passed the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act last night. Nancy (oxygen thief) Pelosi called it bi-partisian because there were a whole bunch of Republican amendments, but the TRUTH and REALITY is that the only think bi-partisian about this vote was the opposition. ZERO Republican voted for it, but [...]

Zo-Nation addresses the Dallas, TX Tea Party, Part II

The other day I put up the first part of Zo’s speech at the Dallas, TX Tea Party. Here is Part II of that same speech.