“Marxism in America” by Lt. Gen. (Ret.) W.G. Boykin

The video below is of LTG (RET) W.G. Boykin. LTG Boykin is one of the most combat exprienced Generals still alive today. He has been involved with and on the ground in every known combat action this country has dealt with since the Desert One Raid in 1979 trying to rescue the American hostages in Iran. Panama, Desert Storm, Somalia, Operation Enduring Freedom, and on and on. He has been involved in some that are not even known. As a former commander of Delta Force and actually in the first training class for Delta force back in 1978 he has been there and done it like nobody else. You can learn more about him at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/William_G._Boykin.

I had the privilege of talking to him and interviewing him last year on YouServed Radio soon after his book, Never Surrender, was released. It was a true honor to talk to him and I am still humbled to this day. Watch the video below to learn a little from LTG (ret) Boykin about Marxism and its influence into America today.

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  1. With due respect to his combat past, he showed me no substance that he had any more idea of Marxism then anyone else. We have a semi-socialist society. Public High school anyone? Marxism is about giving power to the people (the workers). Venezuela is about dictatorship, plain and simple.
    As much as he like to remark that “no one in Washington has read the Healthcare bill”, he’s lying to tune up his base. Many people have. What you didn’t hear is any Republicans throwing in their two cents, just silence. sad.

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