24 hours left

Ok people, you have twenty-four hours left before you can make a difference. I don’t care where you sit; right, left or middle but get out and vote. This is a right granted to you by being a citizen of the greatest country in the world; the United Stated of America, so get out and do it for God’s Sake.

Many great Men and Women have died to guarantee you that right and many, many more will die in the future. They may end up being friends, loved ones, spouses, children or grandchildren of yours.

There are people all over this world who are never given this right or privilege and die or get tortured trying to enjoy the freedom to vote in their leaders and representatives.

Now, from me personally I would hope that you get out and throw the corrupt bums who have sank this country into so much debt over the last 18 months out of office. Some checks and balances need to be put on the current administration who have been riding high on a euphoria of an election nirvana they enjoyed in the last Presidential election.

I have voted for democrats in the past and I will in the future if I feel they represent what is in the best interest of this country in my opinion. However as of late there are very few who do. I want politicians that stand up for what their constituents believe in and want, not for what their political affiliation leadership wants.

This country is the closest it has ever been to a revolution since the civil war and we cannot afford to let our country slip into that if we can help it. YOU can help it. Vote in common sense people who care about this country, the constitution and the people of this country. We need to quit worrying about hurting illegal aliens feelings, apologizing to the world, or trying to appease the unions. Many of us have fought long and hard to keep this country as the greatest in the nation. Don’t let a few inexperienced and greedy idiots take that away from us.

If you don’t get out and vote on November 2nd, then you don’t deserve to live here. Pack your crap and head to the border, I don’t care which one. Just don’t let the border crossing gate hit you on the way out.

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  1. Well said!

  2. “sank this country into so much debt over the last 18 months ”
    Our debt’s been piling up over the last decade, Chief. Freedom isn’t free and neither is the cost of a war to keep us free.

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