President Obama admits he was not up for the job

I could not believe it when I heard him say the words. I was amazed that he admitted that he was in over his head. If you load the video below and then move it up to the 4:28 mark, you will hear what I am talking about. This is from his recent interview with 60 minutes.

“when your campaigning, I think you are liberated to say things without thinking about how am I going to practically implement this”

Yes those were his words. So what he really was saying was that while campaigning you can say whatever you want, make whatever promises you want and not worry about how you will live up to those promises.

America, do you now believe that you were fed a line of BS. He just admitted it. He just admitted that he didn’t know how he was going to do things, he was just promising whatever. This is the guy you put into office and why all of his opponents were screaming that he had NO EXPERIENCE, was NOT QUALIFIED, was NOT FIT to be President of the United States. Good Job! Your ignorance have put us all in peril for at least four years, and our kids to suffer for years to come.

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