Gunny Ermey voices his opinion

Here is a great clip of R. Lee Ermey appearing on behalf of Toys 4 Tots and while he had the mic, he shared a little of his opinion on the current administration. A must see. ┬áThe last line is the best “I know this Marine Corps is going to be here forever, this Administration won’t”

4 Responses to “Gunny Ermey voices his opinion”

  1. I like Gunny and all….but Toys 4 Tots is not the place for a political rant.

    One might wonder what the reaction would be if a similar episode during the Bush Administration……

  2. this may not be the venue for his opion, but hte truth is the truth. What about all those actors at the oscars who give their opion? there probably is no good place for an opion in this day of PC. God Bless America and those who will stand up and give their opion without fear.

  3. CI,

    It happened all the time. Watch any Hollywood or MSM event. They did it without remorse or apologies.

  4. The point may be missed here… Hollywood functions, the star of the show as it were is the celebutwits…not a venerable charity.

    Ermey later apologized by the way.

    @Diana, the truth is the truth being based on your opinion. Political correctness is not just a monster of the left, just use your ‘God Bless America’ as an example……

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