Guest Blogger, Major Frank Arouet: Follow up to the SOTU

We are all sad about Congresswoman Giffords. Not sad enought to have a pep rally and make t-shirts, but still, bummed. She’ll live, and even if she didn’t, get back to presidentin’.

The economy is still broke dummy. You ran against GWB on his economy, and yours is exponentially worse. Spending trillions to “fix it” failed, (remember cash for clunkers? You gave MY tax dollars to other people, with no benefit to anyone except automakers.) Spendig trillions more won’t fix it either. Maybe if you’d ever held a job in your life that required you to balance books, you’d understand that you can’t spend your way out of debt. You also can’t “create” jobs–the government can only grow so large before the taxable base is unable to support it. You can only make the environment more friendly for the economy to grow. Think of it like a garden. Business is the seeds, capital is the soil and water, and government is the manure. A little goes a LONG way.

Your idea for healthcare will. not. work. Ask California how socialized, universal healthcare is working for them. Your goal to give an additional 30 million people healthcare comes from the money the federal government takes from us. If you’d bothered to look around the room instead of at the TelePrompTer, you’d notice that there are far fewer faces of old friends and cronies there, and that old crone who sits behind you (not Biden, the other one) isn’t there anymore. We, the people, sent a pretty clear message. Fix the economy and repeal Obamacare. If you want to “jump start” the economy, be a business friendly government–which doesn’t mean inviting half the fortune 500 CEOs over for tea, it means adopting policies that don’t restrict businesses from growing, lowering taxes on businesses, especially small businesses. Also, reign in your tree huggers from the EPA. They are the single biggest government funded impediment to growth.

Don’t tell me I should pity the poor children of illegal immigrants because their parents are criminals, and they have been given every opportunity to succeed because of our overly-generous social welfare that doesn’t take into account a person’s eleigibility to receive money taken from citizens under threat of imprisonment. The parents should be deported, and because they have no claim to be here, they, too should go.

As for the many thousands of college students who come here on school visas, they are going to return to their home countries anyway, and compete against us as a nation, or stay here and compete against us in the marketplpace. End school visa programs too, except for people coming from countries whose aren’t actively anti-american. That way, we can maintain a monopoly on the best-educated workforce in the world. The more foreigners we let study here, the more we hurt ourselves. Can’t have it both ways.

Iraq: You quit. We’re leaving, unfinished. I’m not to unhappy about that, as you never had any idea what to do about it anyway, and your indecisiveness would only have gotten more soldiers killed. Afghanistan: 1. Put up or shut up. 2. Shut Joey B. up 3. If you don’t have any idea what we should do, bring us home, admit that you are clueless, and don’t run again.

Mr. President, we, the people are really damn tired of amateur hour at the Apollo. We are not a social experiment, we live, work, and exist in the real world where our choices have consequences and lofty ideas are met with harsh reality. We know that just because there is unjustness in the world, that some are poor and others rich, some are weak, others strong, that trying to bring everyone to meet the statistical average means than no one excells. Not keeping score only works for kindergarden soccer games. After that, people keep score. We keep it in terms of deeds, words, and achievements. You once gave yourself a B+. Any guess what your grade is today?

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