Service to Your Country

I applaud General Stanley McChrystal’s recent article Step Up For Your Country, and his views on basic responsibilities of being an American. Today a debt greater than dollars exists; we face a national deficit of selfless service. Addressing these problems effectively can be best accomplished through national service. Service to country not only enriches the [...]

It only takes 1… ruin it for everyone else. I have some friends who work for the TSA and they are stand up guys. However there are always some out there that give them a bad name just like any organization (Liddy England, Michael Yon, OJ). There is an old saying that goes like “you never do nothing [...]

Gore invented it, and now Congress wants ability to kill it

Yes I am talking about the Internet. Of course I say it tounge-in-cheek when I say that Al Gore invented it but I am not kidding when I say Congress wants the ability to kill it.   On the very day that the Egyptian government shut down an overwhelming majority of the country’s Internet servers, [...]

This should keep you awake at night

Becuase it sure does keep me awake. This is very scary ladies and gentlemen, and just becuase the MSM isn’t covering every night at 6 and 10PM or on every half-hour headlines please don’t take that as a sign of unimportance.  The clock is counting and I can tell you that our military sees the [...]

Traumatic Brain Injury-Disturbing Trends

According to the RAND Study (2008), as of September 2008, there were more than 22,000 Veterans being compensated for Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), of whom more than 5,800 were Veterans of the current wars, and TBI is estimated to affect some 20 percent of U.S. service members injured in Iraq or Afghanistan. Most of the [...]

Street Vets- A Candid View of the Long-Term Scars of War

Over 100,000 United States Veterans are homeless every night. Despite their selfless service to our country, 25% of the homeless population in America are Veterans. In a powerful, one-hour documentary, filmmaker, and friend, Issac Goeckeritz takes viewers into the largely invisible world of homeless veterans and the difficult, but hopeful, pathways home. Street Vets is the [...]

Obama Admin not being as “open” as promised

So what happened to the “buzzwords” of the 2008 election campaign season? You know words like Change and Transparency. I guess they don’t apply anymore. Bold Emphasis is mine.    QUESTION: “Finally, we have not had a chance to ask President Obama any questions since this crisis began. There have been at least a couple [...]