It only takes 1… ruin it for everyone else.

I have some friends who work for the TSA and they are stand up guys. However there are always some out there that give them a bad name just like any organization (Liddy England, Michael Yon, OJ).
There is an old saying that goes like “you never do nothing wrong until you get caught”. Well when you do that wrong in front of a reporter for Time Magazine then you can rest assured you are coing to get caught.

Or it was, until a male TSA agent walked behind us and hollered: “Hey, I thought she was mine! I was gonna do her!”

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And that is why the TSA has started to become the most hated government organization in our country today. It is about freedoms and liberties ladies and gentlemen. We in America realize we have to give some up in current times due to security but it won’t be tolerated if you violate the trust of the American people for your own personal gratification.

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