Obama Admin not being as “open” as promised

So what happened to the “buzzwords” of the 2008 election campaign season? You know words like Change and Transparency. I guess they don’t apply anymore. Bold Emphasis is mine. 

QUESTION: “Finally, we have not had a chance to ask President Obama any questions since this crisis began. There have been at least a couple of occasions that could have been open to the press that weren’t. Can you explain why we haven’t been able to talk to him?”

ROBERT GIBBS, WH: “Ben, I think you will get a chance likely to talk to the president later in the week when [Canadian] Prime Minister Harper is here. We have had a couple of occasions that have been still photographers only. Those were part of the coverage plans that had been in place for a bit now in terms of those events. I will say this, Ben. I think we have, like you all, watched a series of rapidly-moving events — you’ve heard from the president in what’s happened in Egypt. We will continue to keep you up-to-date as best as we can on what goes on, knowing quite honestly that some things in foreign policy have to be done away from TV cameras. Those are the types of direct and frank talks that the president had last night with President Mubarak.”


Hmm I remember when President Bush used to catch hell from the LEFT when he did the same things sometimes, out of necessity. Personally I am sure in this situation with President Obama it was warranted for not having cameras there also. However when you got into office as being the guy who was all for open-ness and have done things like making our interrogation techniques public information to show how “open” this administration is, then I am going to call you on it. 


Read the story and see the video at http://realclearpolitics.com/video/2011/02/02/gibbs_some_things_have_to_be_done_away_from_television_cameras.html


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