Weekly Update From The Frontlines (MAR 21-27, 2011)


Taliban insurgents kidnapped 50 Afghan police officers in an ambush in northeastern Afghanistan. Insurgent forces in the Helmand province attacked an American unit with small arms fire, killing SPC. Justin Ross of Wisconsin. Other ISAF members were killed in separate attacks using IEDs and small arms fire. Since our last report nine more American have died in Operation Enduring Freedom. The war in Afghanistan has claimed 59 American lives thus far in 2011, and the total for the war is now 1,514 (www.icasualties.org).


Several attacks by gunmen occured throughout the country, and insurgent used bombs to kill contractors, police, and civilians. Gunmen using silenceers killed a police colonel in his house in Ramadi and a roadside bomb was used against a food distribution center in Baghdad. One American soldier died in Iraq since our last update.  American soldiers killed in 2011 is eleven and an overall death total of 4,441 (www.icasualties.org).

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