The Frontlines Weekly Update Brief (April 18-24, 2011)

The coalition continued its efforts to support the rebels in Libya, with some western countries sending ground troops to advise the rebels. Callas have been made to provide more direct assistance to the rebels in order to topple Qaddafi. Meanwhile the protests in Syria have continued, where the Assad government claims that the rising violence is the result of Western influence and extreme Islamists. In Homs, loyal security forces killed more than 15 people who were protesting.


Insurgents dug a long narrow tunnel and helped 475 prisoners escape Sarposa prison in the southern city of Kandahar. The prison was the site of an earlier mass breakout by insurgents over a year ago. The insurgents also conducted several attacks using suicide bombers against ISAF forces throughout the country and used snipers to mortally kill an American nurse assisting local nationals near Kabul.

Since our last report 17 more American have died in Operation Enduring Freedom. The war in Afghanistan has claimed 105 American lives thus far in 2011, and the total for the war is now 1,551 (


Iraqi security officials clashed with civilians protesting any extension of American troops in Iraq beyond the end of the year. Insurgents continued to conduct kidnappings and targeted killings throughout the region. On April 22nd insurgents using IEds attacked an American unit, fatally killing another American soldier.

Since our last report 3 more American soldiers were killed in Iraq. The death toll for service members killed in 2011 is 20 and an overall death total of 4,450 (

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