Must have been a good policy

It seems that all those things that President Bush did may not have been so bad. I wonder where Code Pink, Huffington Post and Daily Kos are now? (Emphasis below is mine) Congress on Thursday passed a four-year extension of post-Sept. 11 powers to search records and conduct roving wiretaps in pursuit of terrorists. Votes [...]


THE FRONTLINES BULLETIN There have been several interesting articles in the news lately, this week the top three are: 1. In Warrior Games, Power of Sport Aids the Wounded Over 200 wounded service members and veterans from every branch of the military participated in the second annual Warrior Games, held at the United States Olympic Training [...]

The Frontlines Weekly Update Brief (May 16-22, 2011)

THE FRONTLINES OF AFGHANISTAN Tuesday Morning a NATO helicopter crashed in Afghanistan, destroying the aircraft but fortunately no casualties to crew members on board. Several NATO convoys were attacked by roadside bombs and IEDs. One attack resulted in 12 killed and 28 wounded in a southern Kandahar province. IEDs were also used to killed several [...]

The Frontlines Bulletin (19MAY2011)

The Frontlines Bulletin is designed to give you short, concise information on news from around the world. To read the full bulletin check out: THE FRONTLINES BULLETIN (181809(S)MAY2011) North Korea The United States plans to send its envoy for North Korean human rights, Robert King, to Pyongyang to assess the need for food aid and evaluate [...]

A New Look at Gettysburg Battle

Recently, I was contacted by the History Channel regarding a new Civil War film, Gettysburg, produced by Ridley and Tony Scott.  It airs on History Monday, May 30th, at 9pm (EST), and you can watch the trailer and read a brief summary of the program. As an avid fan of history the previews for this film look amazing and well [...]

A National Strategic Narrative

With the demise of Public Enemy #1, and talk of what this means for the ‘war’ on terror…’s actually a good time to think outside the conventional paradigm about what components encompass national security. Two eminent military strategists do exactly that in a recently released paper, that’s well worth a read. Some traditional advocates of [...]

The Frontlines Weekly Update Brief (May 2-8, 2011)

DEATH OF A TERRORIST, NOW WHAT? The decade long manhunt for the world’s worst terrorist finally came to a close, thanks to the combined efforts of U.S. agencies and military. With the death of Usama bin Laden at the hands of a Navy Seal team last Saturday, questions about his impact on global politics and [...]

Selfless Service in America Needs A Wakeup Call

Selfless service can come in many ways, at it’s heart the real value of selfless service is in the effect service has on those who provide it. When one selflessly serves another, he or she literally sees the words “self” and “less”, as the nonexistent of pursuit of one’s own interests as they provide “service” [...]

Somewhere, Dick Marchinko is smiling…

BZ to all the SOF personnel…that is all…