Selfless Service in America Needs A Wakeup Call

Selfless service can come in many ways, at it’s heart the real value of selfless service is in the effect service has on those who provide it. When one selflessly serves another, he or she literally sees the words “self” and “less”, as the nonexistent of pursuit of one’s own interests as they provide “service” for the betterment of others. There are many organizations within the United States that selfless serve their local communities, and fellow Americans. Selfless service is shown in many ways, from a soldier risking his or her life to save a fallen comrade, a teacher tutoring a struggling student after class, or a volunteer working at a  homeless shelter, there are countless ways in which each of us can serve others. And regardless of sensational media stories, or partisan politics, all forms of selfless service are equal and needed. By virtue of wearing the uniform whether in the public sector or military, by choosing to serve you are also embarking on a lifestyle of selfless service. Whether you serve for 4 years or 20, you are first and foremost a selfless servant to our nation as its sworn protector of our founding ideals of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Like those before you, without your service, the United States of America would cease to exist.

To learn more please check out and listen to: Selfless Service in America or visit The Frontlines. Thank you.

very respectfully,

The Warrant


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