Is Bloomberg an Atheist?

Wait, I don’t get it. If you remember the moments, days, weeks following the attacks on 9/11 then you certainly remember the importance of faith and religion on just about everyone. Churches, Synagogues, and Mosques were filled to capacity by those that regularly attend and those that maybe hadn’t been to a house of worship in years. 

The country was in despair, it was in fear and the country as a whole was sad and mourning. So most of us went to our places of worship to find solace and peace. It was the clergy of all these faiths that comforted so many people either directly or indirectly. In my opinion Religion is as much a part of the events of 9/11 as Fireman, Police, and military are. I consider it part of the fabric of that day.

So how can Mayor Bloomberg not include religious leaders in the memorial events on the 11th? Does he hate God? Does he hate religion? Is he a an Atheist or as known as in the Muslim faith, and Infidel?  

He should be ashamed of himself and all of the people from all the religions of this world should be ashamed of him too. I would like to see the leaders of all the faiths; Catholic, Baptist, Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, Presbyterian, Lutheran, Mormon, Pentecostal, etc. etc. would stand up and ask their members to make their voices heard about how mad they are about this. I would really like to see the people of NYC stand up and demand that he step down as mayor. His time is done, it is time for him to go back to his millions of dollars and business ventures and leave public civil-service to those that care about truly representing and caring for the public. 

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