About TheAdamBomb

I’m a Marine currently serving in the Reserves. I’ve deployed to OIF twice and OEF once. Prefers skiing over snowboarding; football over baseball; Ford over Chevy; and green cotton undershirts to Under Armour shirts. The Constitution is the basis of our America, and I will remain ready to fight to preserve it. MP is just another battleground.

2 Responses to “About TheAdamBomb”

  1. Your experience in Iraq and Afghanistan should give you an insight that people like me are lacking. I hope your observations are as objective as I expect them to be, and not biased by a built in ideology.

  2. My perspective only goes so far. You may have seen the T-shirts that mockingly show “Experiences May Vary” with regards to Iraq and Afghanistan. My experiences were better than some and worse than others. I just know that both of those countries (in my opinion) would be better served with large mushroom cloud-producing munitions.

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