Is Bloomberg an Atheist?

Wait, I don’t get it. If you remember the moments, days, weeks following the attacks on 9/11 then you certainly remember the importance of faith and religion on just about everyone. Churches, Synagogues, and Mosques were filled to capacity by those that regularly attend and those that maybe hadn’t been to a house of worship [...]

It only takes 1… ruin it for everyone else. I have some friends who work for the TSA and they are stand up guys. However there are always some out there that give them a bad name just like any organization (Liddy England, Michael Yon, OJ). There is an old saying that goes like “you never do nothing [...]

Gore invented it, and now Congress wants ability to kill it

Yes I am talking about the Internet. Of course I say it tounge-in-cheek when I say that Al Gore invented it but I am not kidding when I say Congress wants the ability to kill it.   On the very day that the Egyptian government shut down an overwhelming majority of the country’s Internet servers, [...]

“Marxism in America” by Lt. Gen. (Ret.) W.G. Boykin

The video below is of LTG (RET) W.G. Boykin. LTG Boykin is one of the most combat exprienced Generals still alive today. He has been involved with and on the ground in every known combat action this country has dealt with since the Desert One Raid in 1979 trying to rescue the American hostages in [...]

Eric Golub at th San Francisco Tea Party

I was just as surprised as you are that the there are enough patriotic Americans in the Bay area to hold a Tea Party. Eric runs a blog called the Tygrrrr Express. It’s a hilarious and entertaining conservative blog that tells it like it is without the nonsense of trying to be politically correct. He [...]

Assasination of US Citizens

The Obama administration has taken the rare step of authorising the killing of a US citizen, Anwar al-Awlaki, a radical Muslim cleric linked to the attempt to blow up a US airliner on Christmas Day. The decision to place Awlaki on a US hit list followed a national security council review because of his status [...]

Is Sadism an American value?

Or just accepted political expediency? Internal CIA documents reveal a meticulous protocol that was far more brutal than Dick Cheney’s “dunk in the water” Self-proclaimed waterboarding fan Dick Cheney called it a no-brainer in a 2006 radio interview: Terror suspects should get a “a dunk in the water.” But recently released internal documents reveal the [...]

We’re Coming to Take You Away, HA HA!

There’s a saying we have in Texas about taking away our guns. It involves cold, lifeless bodies as a prerequisite to taking them. In an effort to usurp our Constitution while pretending to not usurp our Constitution, the Obama Administration has taken another step in taking away your and my guns. The first step was [...]

Then and Now

What is Accountability?

I have also used the quote of “You can delegate responsibility, but not accountability” I am thinking I need to send Charlie Rangel the definitions of each and what that quote means. How does the guy keep a straight face when talking to the press and actually say that he should not be held accountable [...]