Of tipping islands and tilting at windmills….

Hank Johnson is a Democratic congressman from Georgia whose recent comments have erupted into ridicule and criticism.  During a House Armed Services Committee Hearing, a Hank Johnson Guam tip over remark was made.  Johnson noted that a marine build-up might cause a Guam capsize. Johnson’s remarks came as Admiral Robert Willard had been giving testimonial [...]

Then and Now

The battle has just begun

So the House of Representatives barely passed the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act last night. Nancy (oxygen thief) Pelosi called it bi-partisian because there were a whole bunch of Republican amendments, but the TRUTH and REALITY is that the only think bi-partisian about this vote was the opposition. ZERO Republican voted for it, but [...]

Zo-Nation addresses the Dallas, TX Tea Party, Part II

The other day I put up the first part of Zo’s speech at the Dallas, TX Tea Party. Here is Part II of that same speech.

Zo-Nation addresses the Dallas, TX Tea Party

Nobody says it like Zo. He has a way with words that all can understand.

What is Accountability?

I have also used the quote of “You can delegate responsibility, but not accountability” I am thinking I need to send Charlie Rangel the definitions of each and what that quote means. How does the guy keep a straight face when talking to the press and actually say that he should not be held accountable [...]

Her Majesty Queen Pelosi

Nancy Pelosi is wasting our country’s money at an astonishing rate. Not even on her constituents, but on herself. She should be brought up on Fraud, Waste, and Abuse charges ASAP. Interestingly enough, over $100,000 of which was for alcohol and food. What is she eating, unicorn steaks? Go to http://www.blackfive.net/main/2010/01/pelosis-air-force-scandal.html in order to read [...]

America Rising

Wow! I’m inspired and motivated!

Eric Holder was right; we are a nation of cowards

When Eric Holder first made the statement that we were a nation of cowards, I was pretty pissed. But then once I read what he said and understood that he was talking about the country’s attitude towards race, I changed my mind. While it was crass and kind of “in your face” after just getting [...]

Congressman Mike Rogers’ opening statement on Health Care reform in Washington D.C.