Devastating is an understatement

It is really sad when the CJCS is not sure if warfighters on the front lines of the Global War on Terror will be able to get paid on time or not.  It is unclear if the United States will be able to pay troops on time in the event of a debt default, the [...]

Obama is my Ex-Wife

The other day I was contemplating our national state of affairs while sipping a beer at my local VFW. Somewhere amidst the swirling smoke emanating from cigarettes and the hamburgers sizzling on the grill it occurred to me that our President and my ex-wife have a lot in common. Promises made but not kept – [...]

This should keep you awake at night

Becuase it sure does keep me awake. This is very scary ladies and gentlemen, and just becuase the MSM isn’t covering every night at 6 and 10PM or on every half-hour headlines please don’t take that as a sign of unimportance.  The clock is counting and I can tell you that our military sees the [...]

What a great message

This video says a lot and puts out a great message as we get ready to head to the polls in about 11 days. A lot to be learned from this one.

Defeat the Debt Pledge

Are we forcing our kids to make this pledge, whether they recite it or not? Stop the spending. I know I spend too much time on YouTube.

What a waste of money

This is a true waste of money. Want to see where yours and your kids tax dollars are going via the economic stimulus or just simply normal government spending? Want to see how it is decided what areas get what money? Want to see how we the many for for those that are few? Want [...]

Seems like simple choice

Hopey-Change is nothing *NEW*

Get this. 1948. With some minor changes it could be 2009… well, 2008 really. All too many already drank the brew and now we are seeing what it brings. Remember, in 1948 the United States had a national debt that was over four times the GNP as a result of WW-II. (And you thought we [...]

Are they that Desperate “The IRS is weighing a proposal to deem one-quarter of employees’ use of work cell phones as personal use and therefore subject to tax as a fringe benefit.” Is the Government and especially the IRS that desperate? Do we not have enough financial hardships in the country right now? Haven’t the American people lost [...]

Partisan “non”-partisanship–more manipulating veteran images

As CJ has stated clearly, it appears that VoteVets is a front for VoteVets has been quiet on the issue, but still claims to be a “non-partisan” organization whose purpose is to support veterans who run for office. What part of legislation furthering the aims of organized crime labor involves veterans? By manipulating information, [...]