Drill Baby, Drill

Don’t you know that the extreme environmentalists are crapping themselves today with this announcement. Their “man” has let them down. All of those wannabe “environmentalists” from the media and Hollywood who enjoy their Hummers and limos, yet all try to act like they are Green must be livid. Al Gore probably blew a blood vessel. [...]

Frozen Wasteland

H/T to www.blackfive.net for this video. This video goes perfectly with the posting I put up yesterday. Not only is it very funny, but completely accurate.

An Inconvenient Lie

Hey there Al gore, lets talk about you Chicken Little Rants of Global Warming.  How is that working out for the people in DC? Or the people in Philly? Or New York City?  Hmm, it looks like all your lies and claims about hot temperatures are nothing more than your own HOT AIR!! Good Job [...]

Latest from MachoSauce; Dopenhagen

The best line is by far “You Gore is a jealous Gore…”

Scientists Contradict Obama’s UN Speech

President Barack Obama spoke before the United Nation’s “Climate Change Summit” today.  No nation, however large or small, wealthy or poor, can escape the impact of climate change.  Rising sea levels threaten every coastline.  More powerful storms and floods threaten every continent.  More frequent droughts and crop failures breed hunger and conflict in places where [...]

Hopey-Change is nothing *NEW*

Get this. 1948. With some minor changes it could be 2009… well, 2008 really. All too many already drank the brew and now we are seeing what it brings. Remember, in 1948 the United States had a national debt that was over four times the GNP as a result of WW-II. (And you thought we [...]

Taking our medicine

Nice way to give up the ship. I guess rolling over and playing dead is one way to do it. I’d rather have a part in what’s happening then not. Maybe its just me, but I don’t give up so easy. NY-David It’s not about rolling over and playing dead. It’s about taking our medicine [...]

There They Go Again

Jonn over at This Ain’t Hell tells how the Democrats are trying to sneak Cap and Tax by us without it being examined. To say that I am perturbed would be an understatement.  I suppose the “transparency” that was used to jam the stimulus package down our throats is still in play (and even as [...]

Rep. Maxine Waters lets the truth slip out

Real Stimulus You Can Believe In

You really want to improve the economic outlook of this country AND relieve our dependence on foreign oil at the same time? I wonder why this didn’t make news and why our politicians aren’t pushing it: Reston, VA – North Dakota and Montana have an estimated 3.0 to 4.3 billion barrels of undiscovered, technically recoverable [...]