What an A$$hole

I was going to write about this as I personally watched the President speak yesterday and my jaw hit the floor when he said this and showed such disrespect that he could not remember the details of the few MOHs he has presented, to include the very first one to a living recipient since Vietnam. I am [...]

Must have been a good policy

It seems that all those things that President Bush did may not have been so bad. I wonder where Code Pink, Huffington Post and Daily Kos are now? (Emphasis below is mine) Congress on Thursday passed a four-year extension of post-Sept. 11 powers to search records and conduct roving wiretaps in pursuit of terrorists. Votes [...]

Obama is my Ex-Wife

The other day I was contemplating our national state of affairs while sipping a beer at my local VFW. Somewhere amidst the swirling smoke emanating from cigarettes and the hamburgers sizzling on the grill it occurred to me that our President and my ex-wife have a lot in common. Promises made but not kept – [...]

DoD: No Spousal Benefits for Gay Partners

Regardless of the Obama administration’s decision not to defend the law defining marriage as a heterosexual union, the U.S. military won’t be extending spousal benefits to same sex couples. The federal Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) remains on the books and the military will continue to follow it after repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell [...]

Obama Admin not being as “open” as promised

So what happened to the “buzzwords” of the 2008 election campaign season? You know words like Change and Transparency. I guess they don’t apply anymore. Bold Emphasis is mine.    QUESTION: “Finally, we have not had a chance to ask President Obama any questions since this crisis began. There have been at least a couple [...]

Guest Blogger, Major Frank Arouet: Follow up to the SOTU

We are all sad about Congresswoman Giffords. Not sad enought to have a pep rally and make t-shirts, but still, bummed. She’ll live, and even if she didn’t, get back to presidentin’. The economy is still broke dummy. You ran against GWB on his economy, and yours is exponentially worse. Spending trillions to “fix it” [...]

Gunny Ermey voices his opinion

Here is a great clip of R. Lee Ermey appearing on behalf of Toys 4 Tots and while he had the mic, he shared a little of his opinion on the current administration. A must see.  The last line is the best “I know this Marine Corps is going to be here forever, this Administration [...]

President Obama admits he was not up for the job

I could not believe it when I heard him say the words. I was amazed that he admitted that he was in over his head. If you load the video below and then move it up to the 4:28 mark, you will hear what I am talking about. This is from his recent interview with [...]

If you read nothing else today, read this

Thanks to some a fellow milblogger, Taco Bell, I am able to share this editorial with you. If you read nothing else today, I highly suggest reading this one. This guys appears to have had everything going for him. He punched all the right blocks and had a very respectable career. Yet he walked away [...]

Are you kidding me??

I’m not sure why the Republican Party so set against my ever joining common cause with them, but here goes reason number 2,345: Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele may be misremembering exactly how and when the Afghanistan war began. At a Republican Party fundraiser in Connecticut on Thursday, Steele declared that the war in [...]