Obama Admin not being as “open” as promised

So what happened to the “buzzwords” of the 2008 election campaign season? You know words like Change and Transparency. I guess they don’t apply anymore. Bold Emphasis is mine.    QUESTION: “Finally, we have not had a chance to ask President Obama any questions since this crisis began. There have been at least a couple [...]

Afghanistan’s “Loss” of $900 Million

Kabul Bank, Afghanistan’s largest bank, may have “lost” up to $900 million, through fraud and mismanagement. Though the Afghan government vows to keep the bank afloat, the money to do that will have to be drawn from an already strained budget. Officials fear that word of the magnitude of this loss could start a run [...]

It is an Afghan Problem, not a USA Problem

Why, oh why is the President doing this, www.rte.ie/news/2009/0713/afghanistan.html as it has no purpose or need. Barack Obama has asked officials to investigate reports of an attempt to block investigation of a mass execution of Taliban prisoners in Afghanistan……According to the reports, the move was an attempt to hush up the killing of up to [...]

Guest Blogger, Country Singer: But, But, But…Everyone Loves Us Because We Elected Obama

I was at my local watering hole recently chatting with a friend of mine about politics. Being peripherally involved in the Nashville music scene, over the years I’ve become friends with many people who are actually able to make a living in music or are relatives of country music legends. This particular friend falls into [...]

When Does The Ego Explode?

The following is a Guest Blog Entry from Country Singer So I’m sitting here in my living room, watching the news, reading a few blogs. I’ve been threatening to submit again, and after a few weeks of allowing ideas to grow in my mind, here we go. I’ve been trying to discern the policy stances [...]

Obama Administration keeps pissing off our friends

Good job there BHO in picking such a winner loser as Napolitano as your DHS. I can see that she is keeping up your tradition of pissing off our closest friends and allies. Nothing like coddling our corrupt and drug-infested neighbors to the south, and then accusing our friends to the north of providing the [...]

They are not Pirates, according to Al Sharpton

Well if the self-proclaimed “Reverend” Al Sharpton said it then it must be true. According to old Al, they are not Pirates in Somalia, they are “Voluntary Coast Guard”. I know you think I am telling a joke to make you laugh, but I am not. Just watch the video below to hear for yourself

Happy Easter

This is what happens with Amateurs in office

If you let rookies and Amateurs in the the office of the President, then they show their true colors. The big O has no job being President as he has barely been a Senator or a leader in any other capacity. Since he has so little real-life experience, he has ended up surrounding himself with [...]

In God we trust…

Not in Allah we trust, not in Buddha we trust, not in some higher-entity-being we trust and certainly not in Darwin we trust. So what part of “This country was founded on Christian values” does this guy not understand? What F@#$@#$ planet is he from? You know, maybe he wasn’t born in the USofA because [...]