Morning Reference for the MilBloggies

Just wanted to post this link from Ace of Spades so all the folks at the MilBlog Convention have a better understanding of their condition this morning…one of these days I’m going to that thing…have a few for me!

Top 10 list of names for Libya operation

H/T to my friend SK for this very funny list Apparently the White House tossed out a number of perfectly good names before arriving at “Operation Odyssey Dawn”: 10.Operation Nine Months In The Senate Didn’t Prepare Me For This 9. Operation Organizing for Libya 8. Operation Double Standard 7. Operation FINE! I’ll Do Something 6. [...]

Guest Blogger, Major Frank Arouet: Follow up to the SOTU

We are all sad about Congresswoman Giffords. Not sad enought to have a pep rally and make t-shirts, but still, bummed. She’ll live, and even if she didn’t, get back to presidentin’. The economy is still broke dummy. You ran against GWB on his economy, and yours is exponentially worse. Spending trillions to “fix it” [...]

Gunny Ermey voices his opinion

Here is a great clip of R. Lee Ermey appearing on behalf of Toys 4 Tots and while he had the mic, he shared a little of his opinion on the current administration. A must see. ┬áThe last line is the best “I know this Marine Corps is going to be here forever, this Administration [...]


Obama At The Bat

Pure Genius:

Eric Golub at th San Francisco Tea Party

I was just as surprised as you are that the there are enough patriotic Americans in the Bay area to hold a Tea Party. Eric runs a blog called the Tygrrrr Express. It’s a hilarious and entertaining conservative blog that tells it like it is without the nonsense of trying to be politically correct. He [...]

You Picked a fine time to lead us, Barack

I have to give a H/T to my dear Mom who sent this one to me. I must say these guys have done a great job in summarizing the last 15 months in this song.

Then and Now

Frozen Wasteland

H/T to for this video. This video goes perfectly with the posting I put up yesterday. Not only is it very funny, but completely accurate.