Obama Is Wrong For America

Okay, I will also throw my hat in the ring: I want Obama to fail! Not only do I want him to fail, I want him to fail immediately. Naturally, like Limbaugh, I don’t want HIM to fail, but his policies. I’m going to focus on two specific arenas since I’ve already covered his economic [...]

MilitaryPundits on SkyNews

I am so honored and flattered to announce that we here at MilitaryPundits have been recognized for our voice and our opinions by the MSM (Mainstream Media) a whole lot faster than we ever thought we would be. Yesterday afternoon, SkyNews out of the UK reached out to us for an appearance on one of [...]

My opinion on the Coffin issue

I toiled if I would put the posting here or over on my normal blog. I felt it was more military in nature than politics so I have posted it there. If you would like to see why support the new policy allowing media access to coffins coming home (with rules and guidelines), then head [...]

Where is the slam?

http://www.foxnews.com/politics/first100days/2009/02/25/biden-slips-asks-websites-number/ During the campaign when it was found out that McCain does not write emails or really use a computer, all the Bush haters (even though MSM claims they aren’t) were all over McCain slamming him. They were asking how he could possibly lead this country when he is not up with the times and [...]

From Fantasy to Reality

Backseat driving, or Armchair quarterbacking? They both have the same meaning, and that is trying to tell someone how to do their job, what they do good in their job or what they do bad in their job without ever doing the task themselves. Throwing arrows at someone and criticizing everything decision they have made [...]