The Obama Doctrine Defined

THE FRONTLINES BULLETIN There have been several interesting articles in the news lately, this is one of the top three: The Obama Doctrine Defined The words “vacillating” and “aimless” are commonly used by both left and right to describe President Barack Obama’s approach to the Libya war. His political friends and foes alike lament that he [...]


Can someone just tell him to SHUTUP? I mean really, the guy is a boob and needs to quit opening his pie-hole about international matters, especially the war in Afghanistan. He keeps this up and my 2012 prediction may very well come true. Oh, you want to know what that is?   Obama dumps Biden [...]

“Marxism in America” by Lt. Gen. (Ret.) W.G. Boykin

The video below is of LTG (RET) W.G. Boykin. LTG Boykin is one of the most combat exprienced Generals still alive today. He has been involved with and on the ground in every known combat action this country has dealt with since the Desert One Raid in 1979 trying to rescue the American hostages in [...]

Are you kidding me??

I’m not sure why the Republican Party so set against my ever joining common cause with them, but here goes reason number 2,345: Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele may be misremembering exactly how and when the Afghanistan war began. At a Republican Party fundraiser in Connecticut on Thursday, Steele declared that the war in [...]

Meet the New Boss….Same as the Old Boss

The CinC made a surprise visit to the combat zone yesterday, as most CinC’s are prone to do…this time to Afghanistan. In his predictable pep rally speech to assembled US forces, he made two statements that caught my eye and made me question the truth behind the rhetoric. “If this region slides backwards,” Obama told [...]

Biden and Gibbs are idiots

I was planning to write up a huge posting about how the Gaf-master Biden took credit on behalf of the Administration for the success in the Iraq war and then how Robert “I am better than all of you” Gibbs tried to defend this statement. Well in the interest of time and because my friend [...]

This Afghanistan timetable is CRAZY!!

I originally posted this entry last night on my main blog at There is no way, NO WAY this is going to happen. In about 5 minutes I will be on a Blogger’s Roundtable talking with Mr. David S. Sedney, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Afghanistan, Pakistan and Central Asia, and Brig. Gen. [...]

Morale is down?

If you read this article and read what they have there you can walk away with one of two impressions. You can take it at face value and think based on the comments from this report that the soldiers are worn out from years of combat. Don’t get me wrong, many are tired. Others [...]

Cart before the horse or horse before the cart?

Which one is it? The President has told so many lies and repeated whatever the teleprompter tells him to so many times that he has stepped all over himself. Here is Charles Krauthammer making it pretty clear in 92 seconds.

Hillary Clinton is an Idiot

I am convinced of it. She has to be. Who does this self-proclaimed sniper-dodging twit think she is to question the “best man for the job”. That was the quote from the SecDef and from the President himself after they abruptly fired GEN McKeirnan and disrespected him in front of the world. They put in [...]