Devastating is an understatement

It is really sad when the CJCS is not sure if warfighters on the front lines of the Global War on Terror will be able to get paid on time or not.  It is unclear if the United States will be able to pay troops on time in the event of a debt default, the [...]

Delta Airlines is hosing the troops

Not that I fly that often, but when I do, I won’t be using Delta…     Update:  It appears that Delta is looking into the situation, and some of the blame looks to be on the Army.  If the Soldiers’ orders had them flying coach, then their orders should have reflected that only three [...]

The Race Card

So Whoopi Goldberg decided she’d play the race card (again).  Well, Whoopti-Doo!  Whoopi, honey, it’s been over-played.  By you, by Janeane Garafolo, by Chris “Tingles” Matthews and by every other liberal that can’t defend the President’s actions and policies with facts or logic. Stop calling me racist.  It’s old, and it’s trite.  Stop trying to [...]

President Obama admits he was not up for the job

I could not believe it when I heard him say the words. I was amazed that he admitted that he was in over his head. If you load the video below and then move it up to the 4:28 mark, you will hear what I am talking about. This is from his recent interview with [...]

If you read nothing else today, read this

Thanks to some a fellow milblogger, Taco Bell, I am able to share this editorial with you. If you read nothing else today, I highly suggest reading this one. This guys appears to have had everything going for him. He punched all the right blocks and had a very respectable career. Yet he walked away [...]

The VFW does not like Veterans

I am a member of VFW and let me tell you after reading the link below I was petty upset. Several vets I know who are members of the VFW are talking about canceling their memberships and even burning their membership cards. Personally I don’t think that is what will get the VFW national leadership’s [...]

The tea party….hangover, or still rolling along?

The GOP civil war is rather interesting to view from the sidelines. Karl Rove first came out against the tea party success, being the old school Republican stalwart that he is. Then by all appearances, took an on-air drubbing by Rush Limbaugh….and conveniently softened his position. The problem I have with O’Donnell and others of [...]

Want to predict how this is going to turn out?

H/T to my boy Prophet for the link on this one. So I read the article below and thought to myself “self, I wonder how this will end up turning out, but I am sure it won’t be good”. UMM has interests beyond the building of mosques. One of them deals with children’s activities – [...]

Utah may be the #1 state

When it comes to being tough on criminals and giving them the proper justice they deserve after carrying out horrific crimes. Bravo Utah, you are giving Texas a run for its money. A death row inmate who had used a gun to fatally shoot two men suffered the same fate Friday morning as he was [...]