So this is what our own military thinks of us?

This picture is reported to have been taken on Ft. Benning (the home of the Infantry and future home of the Armor). Based on this sign and the one next to it, I assume it is located at the Provost Marshall or Military Police office on base. What this picture is saying is that if [...]

Hopey-Change is nothing *NEW*

Get this. 1948. With some minor changes it could be 2009… well, 2008 really. All too many already drank the brew and now we are seeing what it brings. Remember, in 1948 the United States had a national debt that was over four times the GNP as a result of WW-II. (And you thought we [...]

Iran “Invincible” Video

Great High-Quality pictures from the struggle in Iran by those who demand open and free elections.