A National Strategic Narrative

With the demise of Public Enemy #1, and talk of what this means for the ‘war’ on terror…..it’s actually a good time to think outside the conventional paradigm about what components encompass national security. Two eminent military strategists do exactly that in a recently released paper, that’s well worth a read. Some traditional advocates of [...]

Somewhere, Dick Marchinko is smiling…

BZ to all the SOF personnel…that is all…

Returning Soon

Hello readers! I will be back to posting soon, hopefully with a new post by the end of the week…Sorry for the delay, but sometimes life gets in the way. I’m looking forward contributing to Military Pundits again.

Obama gets it right on DOMA

Marriage is an act of union between two people who commit to spend their lives together. It is a voluntary act between two consenting adults that needs no sanction from the state. If the couple desires a religious blessing to be bestowed on that union, they are free and able to proffer the clergy of [...]

Final thoughts on DADT

Bottom line up front, I know that there will likely be some growing pains and serious incidents involving the repeal of DADT and the ability for gays to serve openly in our military. But unless the faith in this nation is waning, and we’re not really that exceptional after all….we can look to other western, [...]

Approaching a Decade, the “war on terror” keeps rolling along….

Has the “GWOT” been at all effective in defeating Al Qaeda? By what measurement? We have allowed Al Qaeda to morph from an entity who was comfortably ensconced in a semi-autonomous failed state, more or less coalesced in a general area…..into an entity that has proliferated and bounded outside our scope of observation and span [...]

A great blog entry to read today

If you get a chance head over to http://www.blackfive.net/main/2010/08/if-i-die-young.html and read that little piece put up by Deebow.

Rhetorical Mosque-erade

The Cordoba Center makes no more difference to me than a fundamentalist Christian Church near the Murrah Federal Building site. For those who see this as a symbolic victory for Jihadists, I say this. Extremist Islam already got their victory when they spent the money for plane tickets and box cutters, and in return got [...]

Black Swans and what the Military can do to avoid them

The military — the Army specifically — discusses framing a problem correctly in order to solve it. As W. Edwards Deming (the process guru who made Toyota what it is) stated, “If you do not know how to ask the right questions, you discover nothing.” In the Army’s effort to frame a problem correctly and [...]

Wars: Politicians have their favorites

Republicans like wars fought by the military. Backing wars like these butches up even the gay Republicans. Democrats like social wars. This makes them feel better about their natural penchant for stealing money from those of us who produce. The tactics used to fight wars are usually the same: throw a lot of money at [...]