Delta Airlines is hosing the troops

Not that I fly that often, but when I do, I won’t be using Delta…     Update:  It appears that Delta is looking into the situation, and some of the blame looks to be on the Army.  If the Soldiers’ orders had them flying coach, then their orders should have reflected that only three [...]

Gunny Ermey voices his opinion

Here is a great clip of R. Lee Ermey appearing on behalf of Toys 4 Tots and while he had the mic, he shared a little of his opinion on the current administration. A must see.  The last line is the best “I know this Marine Corps is going to be here forever, this Administration [...]

You Picked a fine time to lead us, Barack

I have to give a H/T to my dear Mom who sent this one to me. I must say these guys have done a great job in summarizing the last 15 months in this song.

Zo-Nation addresses the Dallas, TX Tea Party, Part II

The other day I put up the first part of Zo’s speech at the Dallas, TX Tea Party. Here is Part II of that same speech.

Zo-Nation addresses the Dallas, TX Tea Party

Nobody says it like Zo. He has a way with words that all can understand.

Frozen Wasteland

H/T to for this video. This video goes perfectly with the posting I put up yesterday. Not only is it very funny, but completely accurate.

Merry Christmas from MachoSauce

A Christmas message from MachoSauce that explains in his true and humorous fashion some history of Christmas and the Bible.

Latest from MachoSauce; Dopenhagen

The best line is by far “You Gore is a jealous Gore…”

US/China Relations

You gotta love Saturday Night Live. This is the opening skit for last night’s show and lampooned President Obama and his visit to China. I wonder if CNN and the rest of the MSM will be “fact checking” this skit too?

Video of the Day: Priorities

I have given this video the title of Priorities. It really puts things in perspective and puts a human face on the political BS of Washington DC.