Is Bloomberg an Atheist?

Wait, I don’t get it. If you remember the moments, days, weeks following the attacks on 9/11 then you certainly remember the importance of faith and religion on just about everyone. Churches, Synagogues, and Mosques were filled to capacity by those that regularly attend and those that maybe hadn’t been to a house of worship [...]

What an A$$hole

I was going to write about this as I personally watched the President speak yesterday and my jaw hit the floor when he said this and showed such disrespect that he could not remember the details of the few MOHs he has presented, to include the very first one to a living recipient since Vietnam. I am [...]

Delta Airlines is hosing the troops

Not that I fly that often, but when I do, I won’t be using Delta…     Update:  It appears that Delta is looking into the situation, and some of the blame looks to be on the Army.  If the Soldiers’ orders had them flying coach, then their orders should have reflected that only three [...]

It only takes 1… ruin it for everyone else. I have some friends who work for the TSA and they are stand up guys. However there are always some out there that give them a bad name just like any organization (Liddy England, Michael Yon, OJ). There is an old saying that goes like “you never do nothing [...]

The VFW does not like Veterans

I am a member of VFW and let me tell you after reading the link below I was petty upset. Several vets I know who are members of the VFW are talking about canceling their memberships and even burning their membership cards. Personally I don’t think that is what will get the VFW national leadership’s [...]

The UN is a farce and a waste of money

I am sorry, but what has the UN done for us lately? What? Someone please comment and tell me what good they have contributed to the American People. They are nothing but a place for us to sink money into and waste money on. When we need to deal with foreign governments and heads of [...]

California Students sent home for Wearing American Flag Shirts

WTF is going on with this country? How many tens of thousands of American men and women have died defending this country and for the freedoms we enjoy and our Flag and for what it stands? If you really want to know, go to and read those stats. Now read the story below about [...]

Then and Now

The battle has just begun

So the House of Representatives barely passed the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act last night. Nancy (oxygen thief) Pelosi called it bi-partisian because there were a whole bunch of Republican amendments, but the TRUTH and REALITY is that the only think bi-partisian about this vote was the opposition. ZERO Republican voted for it, but [...]

What is Accountability?

I have also used the quote of “You can delegate responsibility, but not accountability” I am thinking I need to send Charlie Rangel the definitions of each and what that quote means. How does the guy keep a straight face when talking to the press and actually say that he should not be held accountable [...]