Biden and Gibbs are idiots

I was planning to write up a huge posting about how the Gaf-master Biden took credit on behalf of the Administration for the success in the Iraq war and then how Robert “I am better than all of you” Gibbs tried to defend this statement. Well in the interest of time and because my friend [...]

When a President has no military background

Not only is the video an example of a President that has no experience and no military background, it is also an example of a President who reads his tele-prompter VERBATIM and does not know the context of which he is speaking. This is truly sad that the President of our United States, he Commander-in-Chief [...]

Her Majesty Queen Pelosi

Nancy Pelosi is wasting our country’s money at an astonishing rate. Not even on her constituents, but on herself. She should be brought up on Fraud, Waste, and Abuse charges ASAP. Interestingly enough, over $100,000 of which was for alcohol and food. What is she eating, unicorn steaks? Go to in order to read [...]

Secrets won’t be secrets anymore

Let me get this straight, we can keep all the back-door-dope-deals secret for passing the healthcare bills, and who is to blame for the security lapses on the passengers flying into this country, but we can open up all of our classified secrets? Am I understanding that correctly or am I just missing something here? [...]

Something just doesn’t look right

Look at this pic and tell me in the comments what you think it is.

So this is what our own military thinks of us?

This picture is reported to have been taken on Ft. Benning (the home of the Infantry and future home of the Armor). Based on this sign and the one next to it, I assume it is located at the Provost Marshall or Military Police office on base. What this picture is saying is that if [...]

Morale is down?

If you read this article and read what they have there you can walk away with one of two impressions. You can take it at face value and think based on the comments from this report that the soldiers are worn out from years of combat. Don’t get me wrong, many are tired. Others [...]

PTSD is not Contagious or an Excuse

Last Friday I woke up to my normally filled email inbox. However there were two emails that stuck out to me. One was from BBC and the other was from SkyNews. I have been a guest on both of their Radio and TV shows respectively, but am on BBC much more. Both media outlets wanted [...]

Video of the Day: Priorities

I have given this video the title of Priorities. It really puts things in perspective and puts a human face on the political BS of Washington DC.

She was not quite good enough

Since President Obama was selected yesterday as the winner of the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize there has been lots of strong feelings and comments from all sides. Personally I think the idea of giving it to him is an outrage and makes the award worthless and disrespects all those before him who have won. Not [...]