The battle has just begun

So the House of Representatives barely passed the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act last night. Nancy (oxygen thief) Pelosi called it bi-partisian because there were a whole bunch of Republican amendments, but the TRUTH and REALITY is that the only think bi-partisian about this vote was the opposition. ZERO Republican voted for it, but [...]

Lunch Time In ObamaLand

Marine Confronts Congressman on Health Care

The only thing I don’t like about this video is that it cuts off the congressman’s response. I would have liked to listen to his response to that.

Out of Control

There is a lot of heated debate out there today that mostly centers around the politics and aspirations of our out of control Congress and President. The recent town hall meetings on health care have generated a lot of heated confrontations, but mostly just spirited debate on the topic. Nancy Pelosi accused critics of the [...]