The Frontlines Weekly Update Part 1 (JUL 18-24, 2011)

To read the full edition check out: The Frontlines Weekly Update (JUL 18-24, 2011)   The Frontlines of Iraq Iraqi security forces have smashed an Al-Qaeda network in Iraq allegedly responsible for hundreds of killings in Baghdad, a senior police official said on Sunday.” Interior Ministry forces dismantled (an) Al-Qaeda network that was responsible for more [...]

The Frontlines Weekly Update Brief (May 16-22, 2011)

THE FRONTLINES OF AFGHANISTAN Tuesday Morning a NATO helicopter crashed in Afghanistan, destroying the aircraft but fortunately no casualties to crew members on board. Several NATO convoys were attacked by roadside bombs and IEDs. One attack resulted in 12 killed and 28 wounded in a southern Kandahar province. IEDs were also used to killed several [...]

The Frontlines Weekly Update Brief (May 2-8, 2011)

DEATH OF A TERRORIST, NOW WHAT? The decade long manhunt for the world’s worst terrorist finally came to a close, thanks to the combined efforts of U.S. agencies and military. With the death of Usama bin Laden at the hands of a Navy Seal team last Saturday, questions about his impact on global politics and [...]

The Frontlines Weekly Update Brief (April 18-24, 2011)

LIBYA & SYRIA VIOLENCE CONTINUES The coalition continued its efforts to support the rebels in Libya, with some western countries sending ground troops to advise the rebels. Callas have been made to provide more direct assistance to the rebels in order to topple Qaddafi. Meanwhile the protests in Syria have continued, where the Assad government [...]

The Frontlines Weekly Update Brief (March 28-April 3, 2011)

THE FRONTLINES OF AFGHANISTAN Taliban insurgents have led several attacks against Americans and Allied forces in retaliation for an American priest who burned the Koran as a media stunt for his declining church. The stunt angered many in the Islamic world and was deplored as an act of selfish stupidity by top American officials.  Norwegian [...]

Weekly Update From The Frontlines (MAR 21-27, 2011)

THE FRONTLINES OF AFGHANISTAN Taliban insurgents kidnapped 50 Afghan police officers in an ambush in northeastern Afghanistan. Insurgent forces in the Helmand province attacked an American unit with small arms fire, killing SPC. Justin Ross of Wisconsin. Other ISAF members were killed in separate attacks using IEDs and small arms fire. Since our last report [...]

Update Brief From The Frontlines (March 14-20, 2011)

THE FRONTLINES OF AFGHANISTAN Pakistan pulled out of talks with the U.S. on the future of Afghanistan in protest over repeated U.S. drone attacks into their country. Relations between Pakistan and the U.S. have been strained. Several American soldiers have been killed in fighting in the Helmland Province, as Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) continue to [...]

Afghanistan’s “Loss” of $900 Million

Kabul Bank, Afghanistan’s largest bank, may have “lost” up to $900 million, through fraud and mismanagement. Though the Afghan government vows to keep the bank afloat, the money to do that will have to be drawn from an already strained budget. Officials fear that word of the magnitude of this loss could start a run [...]