The UN is a farce and a waste of money

I am sorry, but what has the UN done for us lately? What? Someone please comment and tell me what good they have contributed to the American People. They are nothing but a place for us to sink money into and waste money on. When we need to deal with foreign governments and heads of [...]

The tea party….hangover, or still rolling along?

The GOP civil war is rather interesting to view from the sidelines. Karl Rove first came out against the tea party success, being the old school Republican stalwart that he is. Then by all appearances, took an on-air drubbing by Rush Limbaugh….and conveniently softened his position. The problem I have with O’Donnell and others of [...]


The Sheepdogs as read by Uncle Jimbo

The following video was put together by Uncle Jimbo of and In the Crosshairs Blog. The poem was written by Vietnam Vet Russ Vaughn. It is truly a warning to America to remember the wolves that are constantly circling the sheep of this country.