Photo of the day-Stupidity

I got the flu and it’s All. Your. Fault.

With the latest national health emergency (150 people in Mexico died, and we have declared an emergency,) concerning the swine flu, the Democrats have come out swining… er… swinging.
Rep. Raul Grijalva, D-Ariz., said in a statement…
“Not only is pandemic preparation essential to any responsible plan for renewing the U.S. economy, but to [...]

Obama Administration keeps pissing off our friends

Good job there BHO in picking such a winner loser as Napolitano as your DHS. I can see that she is keeping up your tradition of pissing off our closest friends and allies. Nothing like coddling our corrupt and drug-infested neighbors to the south, and then accusing our friends to the north of providing the [...]

Hero or Troll? Olbermann loves this guy, and that says a lot *UPDATED*

Keith Olbermann has provided us with a new folk hero to compete with Joe the Plumber. I would like for you to meet “Jeff the Unemployed Blogger,” Olbermann’s nickname for the man who attended a Tea Party in Pensacola, Florida… but not because he wanted to add his voice to their call. His [...]

Exclusive: Washingtonian Fakes Obama Photo

The Washingtonian is publishing a photo of Barack Obama without a shirt on the cover of its May edition. There nothing wrong with that. What I have a problem with is the blatant attempts to make the President into something he’s not by photoshopping the photo. First is the original, then the [...]

Breaking News: The Truth About the Somali Attacks

Ladies and gentlemen, I have it on good authority that the truth has been twisted as it relates to the recent Somali pirate, hostage rescue debacle.
As it turns out, President Obama NEVER authorized attacks on the pirates. Angry at the thought that he is being considered to be a hero for making [...]

Character is doing what you know is right when…

We’ve all heard the saying that goes, “Character is doing the right thing even when nobody is watching.” Well, okay, I can buy that. I’ve got one more for you, though:
Character is doing what you know is right, even when everyone is watching and you know they won’t like it. [...]

We lost in Iraq 2 years ago

According to Harry Reid and many of the others now in the leadership of this country. That was just a short two years ago.
H/T to Uncle Jimbo for finding this one

John Ziegler Arrested – Pastor Beaten

Citizens of this great nation, our country is falling apart! Our Constitution is being trampled from coast to coast.
Fellow right-wing extremist and “enemy of the state” John Ziegler was arrested and roughed up by USC campus police while I was outside the event where Katie Couric got her journalism award for her Sarah Palin [...]

Arrogant Americans

I’m a little sick and tired of the leaders of this country working so hard to tear us down. It’s the job of the President to explain to the world why we are such a great country – not to constantly apologize for our mistakes. Why is that Obama will go around cow-towing [...]

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