Hopey-Change is nothing *NEW*

Get this. 1948. With some minor changes it could be 2009… well, 2008 really. All too many already drank the brew and now we are seeing what it brings. Remember, in 1948 the United States had a national debt that was over four times the GNP as a result of WW-II. [...]

Taking our medicine

Nice way to give up the ship. I guess rolling over and playing dead is one way to do it. I’d rather have a part in what’s happening then not. Maybe its just me, but I don’t give up so easy.
It’s not about rolling over and playing dead. It’s about taking our medicine as [...]

Timely Iran Democracy Video

H/T to Blackfive for the tip.

Let them have it

Cap and Trade, “Healthcare Reform,” a new Supreme Court Justice. The Democrats have control of Congress and the White House. Americans gave it to them. Very often it feels as if liberalism is all the rage in the United States.
Let them have it.
You can’t stop it, anyway. [...]

There They Go Again

Jonn over at This Ain’t Hell tells how the Democrats are trying to sneak Cap and Tax by us without it being examined. To say that I am perturbed would be an understatement.  I suppose the “transparency” that was used to jam the stimulus package down our throats is still in play (and even as [...]

Barack Obama gonna save the Day

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An un-welcomed visitor

But it sounds like they were not really happy with the visit or want him back. Head over to Blackfive.net and read the whole story at www.blackfive.net/main/2009/06/president-obama-visits-wounded-troops.html
“Yesterday. Dave Jr. was ordered to be at the  National Naval Hospital with another 12 soldiers and  Marines to meet with Obama.  Obama was supposed to  arrive at 11:30 [...]

Iran “Invincible” Video

Great High-Quality pictures from the struggle in Iran by those who demand open and free elections.

Guest Blogger, Country Singer: But, But, But…Everyone Loves Us Because We Elected Obama

I was at my local watering hole recently chatting with a friend of mine about politics. Being peripherally involved in the Nashville music scene, over the years I’ve become friends with many people who are actually able to make a living in music or are relatives of country music legends. This particular friend falls into [...]


Very often, we feel as though we are at the mercy of the winds of trends that we strongly object to. Mostly, these are trends in popular culture or memes that are started, furthered and/or supported by popular media. We are not powerless, but we are to this point unorganized in our efforts [...]

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