War? What War?

Did you know we’re still at war? You wouldn’t know it by the way the Command In Chief of our military carries himself. The politico has a story up today that analyzes Obama’s words:

Obama has uttered more than a half-million words in public since taking office Jan. 20 – and a POLITICO analysis of nearly every word in this vast public record shows that domestic topics dominate, so much so that Obama sounds more like a peacetime president than a commander-in-chief with more than 100,000 troops in the field.

He has spoken the words “health” and “economy” each more often than the words “Iraq,” “Iran,” “Afghanistan” and “terrorism” combined, the analysis shows.

What a waste of money

This is a true waste of money. Want to see where yours and your kids tax dollars are going via the economic stimulus or just simply normal government spending? Want to see how it is decided what areas get what money? Want to see how we the many for for those that are few? Want to see why Murtha needs to be voted out of office and not just becuase he hates the Marines or hates our military.

Then watch the video below

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Facts, Shmacks

I have a bunch of news alerts that get sent to my email when certain topics are written about.  For example, “Blue October”, “Army”, “Silver Star”, “Medal of Honor”, “Distinguished Service Cross”, etc.  So, it was with interest that I clicked on a link in one of my “Silver Star” emails with the title, “Why are Democrats far more likely serve in the military than Republicans” written by, in a strange twist of irony, “Mr. Objective.”

As someone who still claims to be an independent, I couldn’t help looking further into this.

BLUF is that “Mr. Objective” wasn’t very objective at all.  Turns out he really just copied something published on the leftist website, www.awolbush.com and passed it off as his own.  As I dug deeper, it looks like the AwolBush site has been plagiarized by ALL the leftists.  I also found it highly ironic that the people writing these stories hadn’t served themselves!

The psychological and emotional trauma caused by war has been widely studied in recent years. It badly affects adults who are sent to fight in conflicts, and the effects on vulnerable and impressionable children can be worse. Particularly, as many don’t really understand what the conflict is about or why it is happening. It can affect their ability to forge healthy relationships with adults or with their peers. Some turn to alcohol or drug misuse as a coping mechanism. This behavior is particularly common among street children and child soldiers.

Yet it’s also worth pointing out that children are often incredibly resilient. Education is a great tool for building on children’s resilience. Some children can cope with these quite faster than the others. If these children aren’t ready to go outside and learn, they can also learn at home. You can use shared proxies for the security of your computers.

So, what is the truth?  It’s somewhere in between.  It would be easy for me to hypothesize that the reason more Democrats than Republicans have served is because Democrats believe in sucking the teet of big government.  What better place to go after military service than back into government work?  But, one would have to assume that the inaccurate belief that more Dems than GOPers actually service in Congress.

If you check out the link to that story and start reading what the author is passing off as his own, you begin to immediately notice some glaring omissions.  For example, since the article is highlighting PROMINENT politicians, I couldn’t help but notice the exclusion of such political heavyweights as Representative Pelosi, Senator Reid, President Obama, and Vice President Joe Biden – to name just the top three.  Even more of note is the lashing that the author give VP Cheney for his “several deferrments” without so much as mentioning VP Biden’s FIVE and eventual Selective Service classification of “not available for service” due to a sudden asthma problem.

I also found it irksome that an article that highlights “prominent politicians” (let’s assume this is an original writing for the sake of argument) includes people I’ve never heard of:  Representative Tim Walz, Representative Phil Hare, Representative David Bonior, Representative Leonard Boswell, Former Representative “Pete” Peterson, and Rep. Mike Thompson to name a few.  They’ve even thrown a failed Democratic candidate for Governor in Floride into the list, Bill McBride.  There’s nothing “prominent” about any of these people.  Add this to the neglectful omissions of the aforementioned REAL prominent people and you see where I have issues with this misrepresentation.  Maybe I should report the site to ?

Now, I can’t speak for what is happening TODAY in the military.  I left military service in 2004, but when I was in almost everyone around me, officers and enlisted, considered themselves Republican.  Could it be that maybe the truth is just that more Democrats go into political office after leaving than Republicans and the author(s) are just misusing the “data?”
I thought it prudent to do a micro census to test my theory that this article is just wrong.  What better place to test it first than in the Senate Armed Services Committee?  Here’s what I found:

Carl Levin (D-MI) – Chairman of the Armed Services committee – DID NOT SERVE
Edward Kennedy (D-MA) Armed Services Committee – DID NOT SERVE
Robert Byrd (D-WV) member – DID NOT SERVE
Joe Lieberman (D/I – CT) member – DID NOT SERVE
Jack Reed (D-RI) member – VETERAN
Daniel Akaka (D-HI) member – VETERAN
Bill Nelson (D-FL) member – VETERAN
Evan Bayh (D-IN) member – DID NOT SERVE
Ben Nelson (D-NE) member – DID NOT SERVE
Jim Webb (D-VA) member – VETERAN
Claire McCaskill (D-MO) member – DID NOT SERVE
Mark Udall (D-CO) member – DID NOT SERVE
Kay Hagan (D-NC) member – DID NOT SERVE
Mark Begich (D-AK) member – DID NOT SERVE
Roland Burris (D-IL) member – DID NOT SERVE
John McCain (R-AZ) Ranking Member – VETERAN
James Inhofe (R-OK) member – VETERAN
Jeff Sessions (R-AL) member – VETERAN
Saxby Chambliss (R-GA) member – DID NOT SERVE
Lindsay Graham (R-SC) member – VETERAN
John Thune (R-SD) member – DID NOT SERVE
Roger Wicker (R-MS) member – VETERAN
Mel Martinez (R-FL) member – DID NOT SERVE
David Vitter (R-LA) member – DID NOT SERVE
Richard Burr (R-NC) member – DID NOT SERVE
Susan Collins (R-ME) member – DID NOT SERVE

Just using this as a measurement, 26% of Democrats are veterans while 45% of Republicans are.  Let’s look at the House side and pry into the House Armed Services Committee, shall we?  It’s a little closer, with 25% of Democrats on the committee that are veterans and 28% of Republicans.  Now, you’ll also notice that unlike our liberal friends, I don’t go around disparaging who did and did not serve in a combat zone. Many troops do not have the option of going into combat, but the mere act of volunteering and facing that possibility is good enough for me – even if it is not good enough for liberals.

We could probably go through this member by member and I’m willing to bet that the results would still either be close to equal or definitely on the Republican side.  Notice how the writer also mentions a bunch of “former” senators, representatives, etc!

Everybody Just Simmer Down!

I’ve been hearing about this all day.  I’ve had people call, text, email, and post on Facebook about it.  MOS 31E – Internment/Resettlement Specialist.  For some reason, advertisements for this MOS on various job boards, like Monster.com, have brought out more crazies than the Birthers could hope to generate.  It didn’t help that these ads were posted by National Guard recruiting.  I have otherwise perfectly sane friends flipping their lids over this thing.  As bad as I think the current administration is, I don’t think they’ve quite reached the level that this guy thinks they have:

I commented on this topic over at This Ain’t Hell , but I thought I might put my theory out here as well.

MOS 31E used to be “Corrections Specialist”.  Now, put yourself in the flip-flops of an 18-year-old kid sitting at the recruiter’s office.  Everyone knows that “Corrections Specialist” means “Prison Guard”.  Most young men seeking to enlist in the Army would view that job title to be about as exciting as MOS 92G – Food Service Specialist (note: I am NOT disparaging cooks by any means!  I have rarely ever had reason to complain about military chow, and actually worked as a line cook as a civilian for a time, so I know what a hard job it is).  The fact is, most of these kids want to do something in the Army that involves ACTION!  “Corrections Specialist” conjures up the image of sitting around dealing with criminals at Leavenworth or walking around on eggshells at Gitmo.  So here’s my theory:  some well-meaning Chairborne Ranger in USAREC got the idea that in order to gin up more interest in recruits for 31E the name needed to be made more appealing.  “Internment/ Resettlement Specialist” to me fires up an image of rounding up Taliban on the battlefield or moving refugees out of the line of fire.  I think it was probably a nice try at fixing a recruiting issue, but with people being on edge about the intentions of the government, it’s raised an irrational specter.

Look folks, I just don’t see the military rounding up U.S. citizens and putting them into concentration camps.  We simply wouldn’t do it.  I realize that a large portion of the populace still sees the military as being comprised of people not smart enough to tie their own boots without a Technical Manual and an order, but those people would be very shocked if they ever took the time to find out just how intelligent and educated the Armed Forces are…officers and enlisted (are you listening John Kerry?).  Believe me, we, as a group, are probably more familiar with the contents of the United States Constitution than the average member of say, SEIU.  There will be no Krystallnacht in America with the National Guard beating down your door.  We wouldn’t let that happen.

A Time For Choosing

Take this speech and listen to it objectively.  Reagan gave this speech in the 1960’s but it could easily be given today!  However, you will not hear a speech like this from any politicians in DC.  And the numbers would be drastically higher.

F**k the Bill of Rights

That is what I am hearing when I read:

…blog post asking supporters to send "fishy" information received through rumors, chain e-mails and casual conversations to a White House e-mail address,

from this news story, www.foxnews.com/politics/2009/08/05/white-house-draws-requesting-fishy-information-supporters-health-reform/

I know the Obama Administration is trying to get rid of the 2nd Amendment, but I had no idea they were trying to get rid of the 1st Amendment too. I mean really, now we as citizens cannot voice our opinion about proposed legislation? We cannot question our lawmakers and even more so the President?

Any Liberal that accused the Bush Administration of taking away people’s rights, infringing on privacy, etc. Needs to shout from their rooftops how wrong they were and shout from their rooftops how terrible this administration is.

What are they going to do with this data? Figure out who to charge more on taxes? Figure out who to audit? Create a blacklist of people not allowed in national parks and monuments? WTF people?

We have posted some pretty outrageous things on this blog from videos to quotes showing how things are going down the tube in this country, but this takes the cake.

It is late here and I was about to go to bed, but I read the story above and I could not help myself. I could not write this blog fast enough. AMERICA, WAKE UP!!!!!

Let your elected representative know how you feel about this healthcare bill and while you are at it, let them know how you feel about this new move by the White House.

BTW, anyone want to put bets on who and how fast this blog gets sent to the White House?

MP Poll- Do you support the new Healthcare reform act?

Here is your chance to voice your opinion on the new healthcare reform act that the current Administration and Democratic-led Congress is trying to shove through the system and pass into law. There are several answers below to pick from. I encourage you to pick the one closest to how you feel and please comment on this blog entry to let me know what additional things you have to say about the topic.

Do you support the President's Healthcare Reform he is trying to push through?

  • No, because it is nothing more than continued trampling of our freedom of choice (62%, 18 Votes)
  • No, it is the worst thing for this country (21%, 6 Votes)
  • No, because our Congress and the American people need to know more about it (10%, 3 Votes)
  • No, for reason(s) not listed here (3%, 1 Votes)
  • Undecided (3%, 1 Votes)
  • Yes, I think it is what this country has needed for a long time (0%, 0 Votes)
  • Yes, even though it may not be the best plan it is better than nothing (0%, 0 Votes)
  • Yes, because I trust what the President says (0%, 0 Votes)
  • Yes, for reason(s) not listed here (1%, 0 Votes)

Total Voters: 29

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What is happening to this country?

I remember when President Bush was elected and re-elected and how the liberal-left media and the ultra-liberal Hollywood blow-hards touted that we were a “divided” country and a country split, etc. etc. They made it sound like the 2nd Civil War was going to happen or something.

Well President Obama wins by a meager 7% and all of a sudden we are a nation united. Where is the liberal-loving media now? Where are the Dixie Chicks, Alec Baldwin and Sean Penn now? Oh yeah, they love the Great One and all that he says, so as far as they are concerned, we are a nation united. This could not be further from the truth; Tea Parties across this nation on April 15th, July 4th and many other dates. Rights being trampled on. The most debt-producing administration in history, you name it.

A few weeks ago I posted this blog entry with a very disturbing video from the Detroit area showing rights being trampled on. Well I am sad to say this is another one. The difference is that this does not deal with someone at an Islam meeting, but at a Obamacare rally and involves ACORN.

Guest Video Blogger on healthcare and Constitution

Ok, so this guy is not really a true guest blogger on here. But he has served and he also covers a very good point. Asking for Senator McCaskill to apologize for stomping on the intent of the Constitution by trying to push Obamacare.

One for the Birthers